The 411

Behind The Music


Hailing from Manor, TX a small town outside of Austin we present to you Quindra Lee. An R&B singer and songwriter who creates music that highlights her life experiences and things she has witnessed throughout her lifetime. She pushes boundaries and projects straight from the soul. Quindra Lee talks about it all and simply put, there are no exclusions when it comes to her music. Whether you watch her on your computer screen, listen to her through your headphones, or have the pleasure of seeing her live, Quindra will make you feel her words within your soul and have you body rocking. She is on an upward trend with no plans of slowing down. Keep your eyes peeled.


Behind the Merch


Expression has came easy to me throughout the years by taking on my passions. Fitting in with the crowd and doing what everyone else did, was not a trap I ever fell in.


Creating is one of my many talents. From designing these Hoodies and Tees to the vocals I possess. Yes, your girl has skills when it comes to music. This merch collection was inspired by my love for music and expression. There are no limits.


If everyone wants the new J's, I'll take the Air Max. It doesn't matter if it's shoes or rules I stick to being me through it all by breaking conditioning and pushing boundaries of societal beliefs.